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  • Lucas Leonard
    Lucas Leonard
    Co-Founder, General & Marketing Manager - In Charge of Victorian Primary & Secondary Schools

    Lucas started his recruitment career back in 2018 and over the years, he has built a passion for building relationships with both educational insti...

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  • Margot Courtillat
    Margot Courtillat
    Recruitment Consultant - In Charge of NSW Primary & Secondary Schools

    Margot has​ worked as an academic researcher. She has a unique insider’s knowledge of the education sector, especially how challenging and powerful...

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  • Elies Sebbouh
    Elies Sebbouh
    Recruitment Consultant - In Charge of ACT, QLD, WA, SA, NT, TAS Primary & Secondary Schools

    Elies pursued his MBA in the United States for five years, transitioning from sports recruitment to the education sector. Now, his focus is on faci...

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  • Rishita Gurnani
    Rishita Gurnani
    Talent Manager

    ​Rishita studied a Bachelor of Education and has been an educator & leader for several years. After working as a teacher, she truly understands...

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  • Josel Espinosa
    Josel Espinosa
    Talent Adviser

    ​Josel started out her career in the Accounting Sector before realising that she preferred working with people over numbers, this led her to follow...

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  • Andres Gomez Fernandez
    Andres Gomez Fernandez
    Advertising Expert

    I'm a videographer, photographer and drone pilot with over 6 years of experience including branding and social media marketing. I believe you alway...

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  • Laura Ovens
    Laura Ovens
    Strategy Leader

    ​Laura’s charter is to bring fresh, cutting-edge perspectives to the world of recruitment marketing, providing our portfolio business owners with s...

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  • Gareth Chambers
    Gareth Chambers
    Chief Operating Officer

    Gareth is a highly experienced and well respected leader in the recruitment industry, having worked across a variety of commercial, technical and p...

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  • Darren James
    Darren James

    ​Darren is a recognised leader in the recruitment industry and has led businesses and teams of all sizes in the sector for over 25 years.Having gro...

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  • Melissa Chadwick
    Melissa Chadwick
    HR Director

    ​Highly experienced in Human Resources and Operations, Melissa has worked across Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Middle East and the UK and is...

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