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"Where knowledge is power"​

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At Inspired Recruitment, we believe that knowledge is power. Coming generations will be challenged in unprecedented ways and at an unprecedented pace and it is our collective responsibility to provide them with the knowledge to fuel both their desire and ability to thrive and lead in the future.

As a result, providing education-based establishments with exceptional educators, teachers, and lecturers to deliver and develop this knowledge becomes crucial.

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  • Bruce D

    Bruce D

    Primary School Teacher

    ​I had an exceptional experience working with Lucas Leonard, from Inspired Recruitment, as my recruitment agent. He was instrumental in helping me secure a teaching job. Lucas’s passion for his work truly shines through in every interaction. He was always available to check in, provide updates, a...

  • Peta


    Humanities Teacher

    ​Working with Inspired Recruitment was so easy. Rishita made it so smooth and she always responded as soon as she could and answered all of my questions.

  • Freezy J

    Freezy J

    Maths & Science Teacher

    ​Margot was of great help throughout my journey.

  • Sandra M

    Sandra M

    English Teacher

    ​He was always a phone call away and responded promptly and with clarity every time I needed to ask something.

  • Kerry


    School HR

    ​Highly communicatively and efficient

  • Tracey M

    Tracey M

    Maths & Science Teacher

    ​I was connected with a position that met my requirements. It was a very quick and easy process.

  • Julien V

    Julien V

    French Teacher

    ​My recruiter is truly exceptional. They embody the qualities of being nice, patient, and incredibly helpful, which makes the entire process of finding and securing a job much smoother and more enjoyable

  • Brett M

    Brett M

    Primary School Teacher

    Rishita was efficient , communicative and above all was successful in finding me a great job within a couple of weeks

  • Josephine K

    Josephine K

    English & Humanities Teacher

    ​As a recently registered teacher in Australia, inspired Recruitment took my anxiety away when they believed in my profile and abilities and got me placed within a time so short it was unbelievable. Margot was awesome. Friendly, professional and kept communication flowing between me, the agency a...

  • Leesharn


    Primary School Teacher

    ​Oh my, where do I even start? All I can say is what INCREDIBLE service. You will never find a more patient and helpful recruitment agency. I would like to give a special shout out to Margot, who facilitated my entire experience. From sending me available positions to setting up my interview wi...

  • Shameela S

    Shameela S

    HSIE Teacher

    ​Margot is friendly,and very proactive and inspiring with her driven passion a to help me get a job. She communicates perfectly and has an optimistic approach that helped me feel optimistic about getting a job and confident ery helpful helpful and positivity and positively

  • Joao


    English Teacher

    I had a great experience. Rishita understood my skill set and experience, allowing her to match me up with the right employer options. She kept me informed of the details of both the interviews and the results. She acted in a professional manner. The communication frequency was also excellent. Mo...

  • Erick A

    Erick A

    Humanities Teacher

    ​Highly Recommend: Inspired Recruitment - Professional, Responsive, and True Advocates!I am writing to express my immense satisfaction with the service I received from Inspired Recruitment. They went above and beyond throughout the entire recruitment process, making it a positive and successful e...

  • Juan D

    Juan D

    Physical Education Teacher

    Margot was incredibly helpful, she went above and beyond to assist me in finding a teaching position. The communication was excellent, and they genuinely care about their clients. Thank you guys

  • Grant F

    Grant F

    Performing Arts Teacher

    ​Excellent, seamless process, a great outcome all round.

  • Julie P

    Julie P

    Primary School Teacher

    ​Polite, easy to deal with and very helpful. I highly recommend this recruitment agency.

  • Shanice N

    Shanice N

    Primary School Teacher

    ​On behalf of my family and myself,I would like to honor 🎖 Fiona Bak and Team Inspired Recruitment 🎖 for their impeccable work.Fiona was not only professional in her conduct on assisting me with my Application - she was extremely dedicated by ensuring the needs of myself and my family were met. S...

  • Naila H

    Naila H

    Primary School Teacher

    ​Had an amazing experience with Fiona. Applied for teacher jobs while being inter state and secured a job within a very short period of time.Fiona has been immensely supportive and spot on throughout the process.

  • Amila


    Mathematics Teacher

    Great company to work with. Rishita, my consultant was always helping in the process of recruitment from the beginning.

  • Brittany H

    Brittany H

    Primary School Teacher

    I had a great experience with Inspired Recruitment, particularly with Fiona. She was exceptionally professional and attentive throughout the entire process. Thanks to her efforts, I landed a job in a week and cannot wait to start my new job.

  • Jubin K

    Jubin K

    Primary School Teacher

    ​First of all, I would like to thank the team for their amazing support for beginning teachers.Especially, in my case, Margot was truly helpful setting up job interviews as swiftly as you can ever imagine 👍She always kept me updated and gave me adequate advice to secure a full time job!For that I...

  • Julieanna M

    Julieanna M

    Maths & Science Teacher

    ​Efficient professional approachable and clear in all direction

  • Kirsty M

    Kirsty M

    Early Childhood Educator

    ​I have had such a pleasant and positive experience with dealing with Raelene very friendly and professional at all times kept up communications through entire experience could not ask for better service

  • Maria Y

    Maria Y

    Spanish Teacher

    ​This team is exceptionally efficient, well-organised, with a high level of interpersonal and communciation skills and the process is so simple. I felt extremely supported by Fiona and can only say that I am more than impressed with their efforts, approach and know-how. I sincerely wish you the b...

  • Rosabel D

    Rosabel D

    Early Childhood Educator

    ​I am very thankful to Realene for the wonderful assistance she has given to me regarding my application.Thank you very much, and continue to be a blessing to other applicants...

  • Kiran K

    Kiran K

    Primary School Teacher

    ​Thanks inspired. Rishita has been amazing support.

  • Leanne C

    Leanne C

    Primary PE Teacher

    Inspired Recruitment were a dream to deal with. I came from overseas and had no knowledge of the Australian teaching market- Margot came along and I had an interview with a school in a few days and a letter of offer within a week with a significant pay rise. Margot is very efficient, you will nev...

  • Anthony D

    Anthony D

    Legal Studies Teacher

    ​Excellent communication, constant communication and always there for you. Thank you for assisting me find a new teaching position

  • Stacey W

    Stacey W

    Drama Teacher

    ​Inspired Recruitment are such a pleasure to work with! My representative was Margot Courtillat and she was nothing but a joy. From the get go, she was so friendly, explained everything clearly and maintained excellent communication regarding updates for my application. She made me feel confident...

  • Ruth B

    Ruth B

    Biology Teacher

    They were quick to respond, proactive, and I had a new job that I'm so excited to start within a week - can not recommend them highly enough.

  • Nisha A

    Nisha A

    HSIE Teacher

    Margot was encouraging, transparent and very easy to work with. She was determined to find me a position in one of the schools even with my lack of local teaching experience. In the end, she was indeed successful. Highly recommend local and international teachers to work with them. ​

  • Mohammad A

    Mohammad A

    English Teacher

    Many thanks to Inspired Recruitment, especially Margot for her relentless help and support. I finally managed to secure a full-time position at my desired school and special thanks to Margot for making it possible. I highly recommend Inspired Recruitment to teachers and also future teaching gradu...

  • Craig F

    Craig F

    Head of School

    Having worked with recruiters before with various levels of success Margot was personable from the get go. Always checking in for how I was going with any applications and how she could help. Always approachable, helpful and cheerful. Thank you Margot and the team at IR.

  • Colleen H

    Colleen H

    Art Teacher

    ​I put an application with Inspired Recruitment and Lucas Leonard got in touch almost immediately. He was positive and supportive and he encouraged and supported me through two interviews, one of which I was successful. I hadn't held a position sixteen years but with Lucas' help I received a job ...

  • Wayne S

    Wayne S

    Mathematics Leader

    ​I highly recommend Inspired Recruitment for those seeking well-paid teaching positions in excellent schools. Their online practice videos they provided were very useful in preparing for interviews. They also provided me with a wide range of positions to choose from. Many thanks!

  • Anne K

    Anne K

    Science Teacher

    ​So helpful and got me a fantastic job, exactly what I was looking for and within a very short time!! Highly recommend them :)

  • Neeva T

    Neeva T

    HSIE Teacher

    ​The first interview they organised for me ended up resulting in an offer for a permanent position! I can't thank Margot and the team enough. They were with me every step of the way.

  • Paul C

    Paul C

    English Teacher

    ​Inspired Recruitment were wonderful, supportive and efficient. They provided me with timely, professional and conscientious assistance and service. I highly recommend them. Their platform (which includes video profiles) for creating your profile is simple to use. Margot and the team communicate ...

  • Patrick T

    Patrick T

    VCE Art Teacher

    ​Margot was absolutely brilliant, I was having trouble finding a job on my own as a graduate teacher and they were able to find me a VCE position at a brilliant school within the fortnight. I have just signed my contract and couldn’t be happier with Margot and her work!

  • Michael M

    Michael M

    Maths & Science Teacher

    ​Fantastic work ethic. Margot was a true professional. Keep up the good work.

  • Peter H

    Peter H

    English Teacher

    ​Very proactive and efficient assistance. Regular communication. Sourced an Interview for me within two days.

  • Astha S

    Astha S

    Mathematics Teacher

    ​Inspired Recruitment is one of the best recruitment agencies I came through. The super supportive staff helped me throughout the process to secure my very first job in teaching career. I wanted to rate you10/5 but mathematics wont allow me to do that😊.It is a bit hard to get the full time positi...

  • Monique F

    Monique F

    Head of Performing Arts

    ​I was very impressed with the team at Inspired Recruitment following my successful appointment as a Head of Faculty. Margot was a pleasure to work with.

  • Nigel Y

    Nigel Y

    Design & Technology Teacher

    ​Inspired was fantastic from the very start. Lucas was very efficient. Each time he called me he knew multiple things about the position. Wage, time allotment, area. He rang consistently and had an accurate idea of my demographic. It seems the agency has great connections to schools.He contacted ...

  • Nissim B

    Nissim B

    Music Teacher

    ​I found Inspired Recruitment to be very attentive and responsive throughout my recruitment process. Thank you Margot for all the help.

  • Richard D

    Richard D

    Science Teacher

    ​Very professional, patient and most helpful in securing me a position. Thanks to all at Inspired Recruitment, particularly Margot and Lucas.

  • Gabriela G

    Gabriela G

    Primary School Teacher

    Lucas and Margot offered a personalised service assisting teachers to find the right fit for a teaching contract. They are friendly, professional and easy to communicate with. Top service!

  • Subi K

    Subi K

    Biology Teacher

    ​The consultants have been very helpful and trustworthy when i have communicated with them during the last few weeks during my job prospects. I highly recommend them to find a job you desire.

  • Michael B

    Michael B

    VCE Chemistry Teacher

    ​By far the smoothest employment experience I've ever had, either in industry or in teaching. Strongly recommend sending in your CV and having a conversation.

  • Andy F

    Andy F

    English & Humanities Teacher

    ​Margot has provided me with quick and timely responses all the time. She also provides useful tips about my teaching position applications and available position near my address. Definitely recommend the service by Inspired Recuitment.

  • Luana C

    Luana C

    Commerce Teacher

    ​I had a great and smooth experience, as a graduate teacher, in getting a job in a renowned independent school. Recruiter Margot was very proactive into keeping me updated on available roles and school's responses. I would highly recommend Inspired Recruitment for teachers looking into getting a ...

  • Kabeya M

    Kabeya M

    Mathematics Teacher

    ​They are the best recruitment agency I have come across.

  • Marie K

    Marie K

    French Teacher

    ​Lucas is very professional and efficient. Present all the way of the recrutement process and helpful, he knows his business well and offers great services as a third party between schools and teachers. Thanks Lucas!

  • Evelyn J

    Evelyn J

    English & Humanities Teacher

    ​Inspired Team has been great in helping a graduate teacher like me to be geared up for my first full time teaching job here.. They were extremely supportive and encouraging during the recruitment process.. I ended up getting the job I dreamed of pretty quickly with their assistance. Thanks Lucas...

  • Richard E

    Richard E

    English & Drama Teacher

    Lucas is a highly energetic and engaging consultant. His communication and stakeholder management is excellent.

  • Lori Z

    Lori Z

    Primary School Teacher

    ​Inspired has helped me a lot. They are so responsive and responsible throughout the processes.​

  • Vimala S

    Vimala S

    Economics Teacher

    Lucas is an excellent recruiter and secured me my dream job. His professionalism and positive approach supported me throughout the recruitment process from interview to signing the contract. Thanks Lucas!

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